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The OrbitYard Magic Ring Program

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When you’re a MVP Ring Holder, you know what you want, where you are, and where you are going. We provide the collaborative space for you to come up with a better plan and execute it. We help you create a plan to more effectively meet the needs of your SaaS project's audience. We assist you with project tracking software that lets you layout a plan for the project and execute it.

MVP Ring Details

This monthly pass gives you and your team full access to our entire app development launchpad.

We guide you from start to finish using short "mission steps". Each step is like a "sprint" - a short burst of progress that moves your app closer to launch. Bigger mission steps require more fuel.

That's where Stars come in - packs of fuel units to power each mission step. Currently at $150 per star, Star Packs start at 5 for $750 up to 20 for $3,000.

Stars are development credits purchased for your MVP Pass. They allow us to take on more work each sprint, propelling your app along its trajectory. Stars are drawn down from your pass as we make progress completing your app.

With the ongoing support of your MVP Ring and Stars energizing progress, you get the ultimate easy button for web app creation! Just strap in and enjoy the ride as we handle the tech work and guide you to success.

Grab your Zenith MVP Ring today and load up on Stars so you can launch your finished app as fast as possible. This is the smoothest path to web app success!

Why Become a MVP Ring Holder?

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Discover the 3 MVP Ring Passes

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Cadet Ring

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